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Paperwhite ©All rights reserved

©All rights reserved

(Relaxnews) – Brooklyn brother/sister synth duo Paperwhite has been getting notice over the past week with debut single “Got Me Goin.”

Paperwhite is Katie Marshall (singing/songwriting) and Ben Marshall (drums/production), siblings who hail from Pennsylvania and currently live in Brooklyn, where Ben is also the drummer for the band Savoir Adore. The two say they’ve been “collaborating since they could bang on pots and pans.”

“Katie and I have been working on music together since we discovered what music was,” says Ben. “Whether the two of us are in the same room or Skyping across the country, we’ll always be writing together,” says Katie. “The innate connection we have is what drives the creativity.”

Why the buzz?
In a synth-pop-saturated music landscape — and one that even boasts another brother/sister duo in the form of New Zealand’s Broods — Paperwhite’s debut single manages to stand out for just the same musical synergy the siblings describe.

“Ben and Katie Marshall have written music together for awhile now, and that stands out in the brother and sister’s music. It’s comfortable and sophisticated with a flair for melody and smart songwriting. Katie’s voice pairs perfectly with the dreamy soundscape,” reviews Kick Kick Snare.

“Paperwhite rock a sound that’s much in debt to the more sublime output of ’80s-era pop, and while that might not read as the most unique attribute to have on paper in this day and age, how the siblings complement each other in their respective roles — likely thanks to a childhood spent honing their creative chemistry — definitely help them stand out in a sea of similar retro-gazers,” says Mixtape Maestro.

Among other praise for Paperwhite’s sound, Repeat Button writes, “Paperwhite make crisp, pure electronic beats with big sweeping synths that float through your mind like passing clouds, making heavenly shapes as they go. It’s the kind of cosmic-pop music the world needs more of.”

Striker Bill calls the duo’s debut single “a stunning promulgation of gauzy synth-pop that even staunch dissenters of the genre can and will fall in love with. Waves of swooning synths and programmed electronics melt together in a breezy, wonderfully balanced arrangement that amplifies the song’s already infectious pop melodies.”

What to listen to?
For now, there’s debut single “Got Me Goin,” available to stream on SoundCloud or for purchase on iTunes. Also on SoundCloud, you’ll find two remixes, one of Deidre & the Dark’s “Skeleton” and, out this week, another of “SWIM” by fellow up-and-comers Fickle Friends.

Where to see?
The Marshall siblings just performed their first show on January 8 in Brooklyn alongside Deidre & the Dark. Follow them onFacebookTwitter, or Instagram, or at


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