Can Invisivision kick start a cinematic revolution?

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Invisivision ©PipeDream Interactive

©PipeDream Interactive

(Relaxnews) – At first glance, they might look like the 3D glasses that ushers hand out at the local multiplex every time the latest installment of a superhero franchise hits the big screen, but they could revolutionize everything from traditional visual storytelling to gaming and advertising.

It’s a big boast, and to prove that it’s one being made in all seriousness, PipeDream Interactive, the company behind the glasses, has turned to crowdfunding not just to build an aesthetically pleasing production version but also to fund the making of a film that will showcase the technology’s capabilities.

Invisivision uses interchangeable filters that can be raised or lowered over the eye to reveal or to hide extra visual information. Rather than pioneering a new technology, the glasses have found a new use for stereoscopic 3D — where two slightly offset images of the same scene are broadcast together to create the illusion of depth for any viewer sporting 3D glasses. It’s how 3D TVs work and it’s how blockbuster movies are screened.

The idea behind Invisivision is to use stereoscopic 3D to stream two completely different or complementing images that can be revealed or hidden by raising or lowering one of the headset’s filters.

A second layer of visual information

So the second stream could contain subtitles or show the action from a completely different perspective or offer annotations and other ‘Easter eggs.’ All of which would offer a new way of seeing and potentially a new way of telling stories, of revealing plot devices or keeping them hidden, or of providing exposition.

There are clear uses in gaming too. The glasses can be used to mimic the effects of an infra-red or night vision display or for overlaying instructions and other info during gameplay — provided the gamer has a 3D TV at home.

But because a pair of dark glasses with hinged lenses alone aren’t usually enough to get Hollywood excited, no matter how cool they look, Invisivision wants to make an innovative film in order to showcase the potential.

The short, entitled “Propose-Coloured Glasses,” has already been written and the services of director Glenn Forbes and actors Aaron Ashmore and J.P. Manoux have been secured. PipeDream Interactive has even managed to reach agreements with cinemas in Canada and the US to screen the finished film.

All that’s missing from the puzzle is the $200,000 budget to make it happen, hence turning to Kickstarter. For a pledge of $15, a backer can get a line of dialogue in the finished film and for just $25 can snap up a pair of the glasses which, when not being used to their full multi-layered storytelling potential, will still work perfectly well as standard 3D glasses for going to the movies.

However, with just 18 days left for the campaign to run, Invisivision had managed to raise just 10 percent of its target, suggesting that a site like Kickstarter might not be the best approach to getting the technology into the hands of Hollywood executives, as intriguing an idea as it is.


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