Georgina shares ways to be a ‘relaxed mom’ (with photo: 25georgina.jpg)

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Georgina shares ways to be a ‘relaxed mom’ (with photo: 25georgina.jpg)

Georgina shares ways to be a ‘relaxed mom’ (with photo: 25georgina.jpg)

Georgina Wilson may be aggressive when it comes to expanding her eyewear brand and restaurant chain, but the case is different when she’s dealing with her 11-month old son, Archie.

The first-time mom has been lauded by netizens for getting back in shape, jetsetting across continents, and managing her businesses while keeping her bundle of joy close by her side.

Here are some of Georgina’s secrets on how she stays sane while juggling her duties as at home and at work.

The secret to being a “relaxed mom” is not to worry too much about the baby, Georgina said.

“Don’t be scared because the baby is so much more resilient than you give it credit for,” she said.

“Babies really react to your energy as a mother. If you don’t want your baby to be worried and nervous, don’t be worried and nervous as a mother. As a mom ang daming anxieties in your head, keep it to yourself lang para hindi maramdaman nung baby mo,” she added.

True enough, Archie kept his calm during one of his a 3-hour endorsement launch filled with strangers and loud music.

“I really believe that he has a mind of his own. He really does his own thing and I’m just here to guide him. I feel like I was just a vessel for him to come,” Georgina told reporters.

Georgina, who is married to British businessman Arthur Burnand, said having a hands-on partner also makes raising a baby a more enjoyable task.

Arthur is based in Shanghai but makes time to see his family every weekend. He either comes home to their abode in Manila, or Georgina and Archie jet off to China.

“In fairness to my husband, hands on na hands on siya. Siya ‘yung in charge sa washing of bottles. He also changes his diapers,” she said.

“I always tell my friends’ husbands, ‘Learn from my husband. Your wife is always right.’ That’s the only advice I can give: Your wife is always right. Happy wife, happy life,” she said in jest. (MNS)

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