How to eat on the Grain Brain diet

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Grain Brain ©Grain Brain

Grain Brain
©Grain Brain

(Relaxnews) – A US neurologist is making headlines for calling carbs like cereal, pasta and breads “the brain’s silent killer.”

According to Dr. David Perlmutter’s New York Times best seller, “Grain Brain,” all carbs — even those that have long been touted as healthy like whole grains — can cause everything from dementia, ADHD and anxiety to chronic headaches and depression.

Perlmutter’s take on the best dietary way to optimize brain power? A fat-rich, low-carb diet.

A few rules of thumb for adhering to the doctor’s diet include tenets such as “If it can go bad, it’s good for you. If it stays good, it’s bad for you.”

When it comes to keeping Alzheimer’s disease at bay, Perlmutter also calls grass-fed beef, avocados and coconut oil the perfect trio of “memory foods.”

Coffee lovers will be happy to note that their morning cup of Joe is considered a powerful brain food for its anti-oxidative properties.

Similarly, foods high in omega-3s like olive oil, flaxseed oil, and walnut oil play a big role in the Grain Brain.

Dr. David Perlmutter calls grass-fed beef, avocados and coconut oil the perfect trio of “memory foods.” ©zoryanchik/

Dr. David Perlmutter calls grass-fed beef, avocados and coconut oil the perfect trio of “memory foods.”

Here’s a sample grocery list for foods allowed on the diet:

Shredded coconut
Olive oil
Coconut oil
Grass fed beef
Free range eggs
Free range turkey
Free range chicken
Mixed greens
Wild salmon
Berries (in moderation)
Bell pepper
Goat’s cheese


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