LG’s G Pro 2 sets the scene for a flagship phablet fight

Thursday, February 13th, 2014. Filed under: News
The LG G Pro 2 has a huge 5.9-inch display. ©LG

The LG G Pro 2 has a huge 5.9-inch display.

(Relaxnews) – LG’s latest oversized handset matches the best that Samsung has to offer and then ups the ante again.

Announced Thursday ahead of the Mobile World Congress on February 24, the LG G Pro 2 is designed as much with its closest rival — the Samsung Galaxy Note III — in mind as it is with existing and potential customers.

As such, it could well turn the premium phablet market into a game of high stakes poker where every bet is matched or bettered until someone folds.

As such, where the Note III boasts a 5.7-inch screen, the G Pro 2 sees that number and raises it to 5.9, making it a device best avoided by people with dainty hands or narrow pockets.

Then there’s the camera technology. LG’s phablet can shoot HD video at a remarkable 120 frames a second — 60 more than the Note III — and it can also film in full 4K.

It also matches or betters the Note III in terms of processor performance and RAM and it will even be shipping with Android version 4.4 KitKat already installed.

But away from the card game, the latest LG phablet does have one or two neat features that consumers will appreciate and will want to use. For example, as part of the improved camera set-up, images remain live after they’ve been taken, so you can change the depth of focus and re-edit them.

And to help those who struggle to grip the device in one hand, the size of the display (but not the actual screen, obviously) can be shrunk down to make it easier to tap and swipe with a single hand.

Also allowing users to make the most of all that display real estate is the ability to launch two browser windows side-by-side, great for multitasking.

The handset also has LG’s Knock Code technology (an updated version of its KnockOn system) which allows the owner to forsake a passcode or pass pattern in favor of a special tap or ‘knock’ like on the clubhouse door.

‘Knocking’ in the right way on any area of the immense screen will activate the phone and release the screen lock.

Another great feature is the ability to lock down specific files, folders and apps with passwords to stop others prying.

LG will be releasing more information, such as pricing and territory-by-territory availability, at MWC later this month.


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