Petition for veggie burger at In-N-Out draws ire of meat lovers

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An online petition appealing to fast food chain In-N-Out to add a veggie burger to their menu has divided the internet this week, drawing an angry backlash from meat lovers who called the initiative everything from “un-American,” fascist and the work of “meat terrorists.”

Consumers are increasingly requesting alternatives to meat burgers. © Rouzes /

Consumers are increasingly requesting alternatives to meat burgers.
© Rouzes /

Though the petition drew more than 36,000 signatures over the last few weeks, it also outraged carnivores and fans of the US burger chain which boasts a cult-like following. The appeal was launched by the communications manager for the non-profit vegan group Good Food Institute.

“In-N-Out has been letting its fans down by failing to serve anything that would satisfy a burger-loving customer who wants a healthy, humane, and sustainable option,” reads the introduction written by Emily Byrd.

Not so, say critics who took to social media to slam the idea.

“Why would vegans be in a burger joint to begin with? I’m going to a Chinese restaurant and tell them to put taquitos n guacamole on their menus,” reads one rant.

“So, if thousands of vegans can sign a petition to force a BURGER joint to serve veggie burgers, does that mean that thousands of meat eaters can sign a petition to force vegan places to serve meat? Turnabout IS fair play, after all,” reads another.

Though some find the idea offensive and nonsensical, Chipotle, Burger King and even White Castle — also a mid-market burger chain with a loyal following —  have already gone that route, adding meatless menu items to appeal to the growing base of vegan and vegetarian consumers, notably Millennials.

This summer, New York hotspot Momofuku Nishi also made headlines when it debuted a veggie burger created to mimic the smell, texture and taste of sizzling ground beef as a way to wean carnivores off red meat painlessly.

The plant-based patty made with wheat, coconut oil and potatoes, is the invention of California start-up Impossible Foods, which counts Bill Gates among its believers and investors.

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