Protest mobilization in democratizing (South-) East Asia: A cross-country comparison of protest actors and their strategies during political transition

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

12:00 noon
10383 Bunche Hall
UCLA Campus
Free and open to the public.

Colloquium with Linda Maduz, Zurich University

Linda Maduz, Zurich University

Linda Maduz, Zurich University

The presentation examines how political oppositions in Indonesia, Korea, and Thailand mobilized and organized before and during democratization. The analysis starts with an assessment of the mobilization potential of different actor groups prior to political transition (based on their socio-economic position and the institutional restrictions set in place by the authoritarian rulers) and continues with a description of the actual mobilization that followed. Cross-country variation in the composition of protest actors and the demands they put forward are explained in terms of differences in structural and institutional conditions found in the countries.

Linda Maduz is a PhD candidate at the Zurich University’s Research Priority Program “Asia and Europe” in Switzerland. In her thesis, she examines the dynamics of protest mobilization in authoritarian and democratic settings in East and Southeast Asia.

Sponsored by the Center for Southeast Asian Studies.

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