Rinspeed’s latest car promises an oasis of calm at CES

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The Rinspeed Oasis wants to be a mobile lounge, an autonomous postal service, a pizza delivery truck and an antidote to the current SUV obsession.

Rinspeed Oasis © Rinspeed

Rinspeed Oasis
© Rinspeed

Conceived as a light and airy “living room on wheels” and described by its creator, Swiss designer Frank M. Rinderknecht as a “bold statement against the notion of a city jungle requiring a multi-ton SUV for survival,” the Oasis will be the second Rinspeed creation to debut at CES, rather than at the Geneva Motor Show.

But as cars and digital technology continue to converge, the world’s biggest consumer technology show is increasingly becoming the ideal platform for future concept cars to make their global debut.

“The major and especially the disruptive innovations in future automotive engineering will come from the digital realm. That is why all major manufacturers and suppliers are now present at the CES Consumer Electronic Show,” said Rinderknecht.

In terms of disruption, the Oasis is taking aim at the concept of the privately owned automobile. The autonomous two-seat vehicle, which Rinderknecht likens in appearance and movement to R2-D2’s cooler friend (the car can turn through 360° on its own axis), can be used as a commuter or shopping car in the morning, then as a delivery service for smaller consignments during the day.

Then in the evening it switches to taxi and pizza mode — there’s even a special integrated draw at the car’s rear that can heat or chill food.

Rinspeed Oasis © Rinspeed

Rinspeed Oasis
© Rinspeed

Despite its diminutive proportions, the domed roof, sliding doors and lack of a dashboard mean that there’s space for two armchair inspired seats, a TV and even a sideboard.

Information is projected on the windshield and the car’s head-up display theoretically supports virtual and augmented reality.

But perhaps the most “Rinspeed” element of this latest Rinspeed car is the space directly below the windshield that Rinderknecht wants people to use to grow flowers and small vegetables like radishes. It’s an idea that he admits is “out there” but that should also help people look beyond what’s normal and uniform in the current automotive sphere.

The 2017 International CES opens its doors on January 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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