Save the date: McDonald’s all-day breakfast coming October 6

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McDonald's McMuffin ©McDonald's

McDonald’s McMuffin

(Relaxnews) – It’s official folks. McDonald’s has announced plans to roll out their all-day breakfast menu next month.

After months of teasing, the burger giant took to Twitter Tuesday to announce the news, replying to followers and celebrities who had tweeted about all-day breakfast in the past with a series of cheeky GIF blasts.

The date of launch: October 6.

Back in July, American Olympic hurdler and bobsledder Lolo Jones posted a photo of herself sprinting to the finish line with the tweet “When McDonald’s breakfast closes at 10:30 and you pull up at 10:29.”

In response, McDonald’s created a GIF showing a relay-style handoff of a breakfast wrap with the tweet, “@Lolojones The 10:30 sprint ends 10/6 with #AllDayBreakfast. Pass it on.”

In response to model Chrissy Teigen’s April 26 tweet, “I do not want a sausage mcmuffin, I need one,” the chain also created a GIF featuring an Egg McMuffin on a beach, replying “@chrissyteigenSorry, our Sausage McMuffin was on a shoot for #AllDayBreakfast but all yours starting 10/6.”

"Gotta new jam for you called #AllDayBreakfast & it starts 10/6." ©2015 Twitter

“Gotta new jam for you called #AllDayBreakfast & it starts 10/6.”
©2015 Twitter

In fact, it seems the company’s social media team is firing on all cylinders, creating customized GIFs in response to live tweets.

Just five hours after Pittsburgh Penguins’ hockey player Nick Bonino sent out this tweet, “Anyone else super excited for early October?! That’s right, @McDonalds serves breakfast all day starting the 6th! Finally! #ohandhockey,” McDonald’s replied with a GIF using a breakfast sandwich as a hockey puck on the ice.

The same tactic was used to reply to ordinary citizens who called for all-day breakfasts, with dozens of GIFs sent out throughout the day.

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