Taco Bell confirms it’s testing Sriracha-themed menu

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Taco Bell is testing a Sriracha sauce-themed menu. ©Taco Bell

Taco Bell is testing a Sriracha sauce-themed menu.
©Taco Bell

(Relaxnews) – After the online rumor mill went into excited overdrive over the specter of Taco Bell rolling out a Sriracha-themed menu, its parent company has confirmed that the Mexican-style fast food chain is testing out the concept in the US.

In an interview with The Washington Post, a spokesperson at parent company Yum! Brands confirmed that the chain is piloting the new hot sauce-inspired menu in the Kansas City area. The menu will be served until mid-November.

Items include a Sriracha Taco and Taco Supreme, a riff on Taco Bell’s classics; Sriracha Quesarito (a mash-up quesadilla, burrito) and a breakfast offering of Sriracha Grande Scrambler.

“Our customers love spicy food and we know that Sriracha is on the top of their list as the latest, most relevant flavor,” Taco Bell spokeswoman Stephanie Perdue said in a statement to the Post.

“This test brings together two things our consumers are passionate about: Taco Bell and Sriracha, and we’re looking forward to hearing the feedback from our fans.”

News of a possible Sriracha-themed Taco Bell menu went viral after a Reddit user reported trying the breakfast Scrambler about a week ago.

“I tried a Sriracha breakfast burrito which was okay. They seem to be using a ‘Sriracha creme’ sauce, which has familiar flavor but not as much heat,” wrote Reddit user Lurkluckleton.

Taco Bell’s Sriracha menu is yet another example of how the spicy hot sauce has become a mainstream condiment staple.

As pointed out by the Post, sandwich chain Subway in the US also recently released a Sriracha Chicken Melt sub, while Lay’s rolled out a Sriracha-themed chip flavor last year.


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