Tourist captures Eiffel Tower engagement and launches search for mystery couple

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Jen Hurd Bohn Facebook page ©2015 Facebook

Jen Hurd Bohn Facebook page
©2015 Facebook

(Relaxnews) – An international man — and woman — hunt has been launched for a couple who got engaged at the top of the Eiffel Tower this month.

It happened on the summer solstice. As California tourist Jen Hurd Bohn stood waiting in line at the Eiffel Tower, she spotted an intimate moment unfold between a couple and knew she was witnessing an unmistakable proposal.

There was the brandishing of a ring. There was the requisite reaction of hands-to-mouth surprise. And there was a big embrace and passionate kiss at the end.

All of which Boh

n captured on her camera. Problem was, she was stuck in line and unable to get their contacts to send them the photos.

Enter, the power of the internet, and Facebook.

Jen Hurd Bohn Facebook page ©2015 Facebook

Jen Hurd Bohn Facebook page
©2015 Facebook

Determined to deliver the photos that immortalized the moment the couple got engaged, Bohn posted them on her Facebook page on the presumption that the pair — by the clothes they wore — were American.

“I’ve got friends across the country and by their clothes I’m guessing they’re from the U.S. Somebody knows somebody who was in Paris last week and got engaged,” she wrote.

Since first posting the photos June 24 they’ve gone viral, shared on Facebook 192,705 times — not including the shout-out from American celebrity Candace Cameron Bure, best known for her role as DJ on the original “Full House.”

In a testament to the virality of news, Bure also saw the photos and posted them on her public page which has also been shared more than 39,370 times. A scroll through her page shows that Bure’s interest likely arises from her own trip to the City of Light in June.

So far, despite being picked up by local California news stations and shared on social media, the couple, photographed in an area of the iconic Paris landmark that appears surprisingly uncrowded for the summer season, have yet to come forward.

Judging by the power of the internet, however, it may not be long before they do.

Last year, an Irish man smitten by his seatmate during a flight from Barcelona to Dublin took to social media to find the woman. All he had was that her name was Katie, 27, Canadian and in Ireland for a week.

The search #findkatie and #loveatfirstflight took off and the two were reunited not long after.


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